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Something really flippin’ amazing has just happened!

Disillusionment and crochet giraffes Back in 2015, I was pretty disillusioned with life! My job sucked big time and I felt generally unfulfilled and restless. I needed something else to do with my time, a creative outlet if you will that would help me forget the tedious Mon to Fri slog and my lack of work life balance. But what? After a fair bit of procrastination, mixed in with rather a lot of aimless clicking on the Hobbycraft website (arts and crafts…urgh!) had only resulted in a failed attempt at a crochet giraffe (that poor deformed creature), it occurred to me that the one thing I truly loved was makeup! 
I loved putting on makeup, I loved buying makeup, I loved talking about makeup, I loved reading about makeup, basically, I really bloody LOVED Make up!
Ping went the imaginary light bulb above my head...
I know I thought, I will become a makeup artist!
Erm ok said a bemused Mr.T.... But how? Colette Johnson (CJ Beauty and Co) instantly sprang to mind, I had booked her to do my …

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